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A Study of Black and White

Monday, April 19th, 2010

This is Bob the Stray Cat. At first he would run away at the very sight of people.  Bob came around when nobody was about to eat the food left outside for him. After seeing me day after day, and after I talked softly to him and aptly named him Bob( because of his short tail) he began to respond by rubbing around my legs and stayed around while I brought him food.

Recently I read a good book on black and white photography. It taught me to view taking photographs in a new way. When I saw Bob the Stray by the cement wall I decided even before I took the picture this would make a great black and white shot. Lots of lighting contrast which is good for black and white pictures. It is hard to tell from this little photo but there is lots of detail in the picture. (click on the photo to see a larger view)

The background is suited to the fact that Bob is a stray. He stays away from most people but Bob is getting friendlier. This photo represents how I see him. Sometimes hiding in the shadows and sometimes coming into the light.

If your camera is capable of capturing in a Grayscale mode, resist the temptation to use it. It may seem fast and easy to do, but for capturing the highest quality image you will gain a higher quality image if you use RGB capture. A coloured photograph that is edited in a software program such as Adobe PhotoShop will add more depth and range to your photo.

This photo was originally in colour. The photo was edited in PhotoShop – converted to Grayscale and tweaked so that others could see what I saw – the intense look which by converting it to black and white I put the focus on the subject capturing the mood I wanted others to see.