The Creative Way

Sometimes life gets in the way of creativity. It is hard to explain. The heart, mind and body have to be in sink and your mind needs the quiet, right atmosphere and surroundings to put you in the right frame of mind. Whether your creative nature is writing or drawing or photography you have to be able to go to that creative place within yourself in order to produce anything worthwhile. Often inspiration can be found in many places. Inspiration helps to open that creative place within you and often gives you the incentive to push your abilities beyond your own expectations to the point you surprise yourself.

Some people can produce creative results on demand. The question arises is this a creative work or is it an example of technical know how. For example if someone asked you to write a poem about the moon or a book about the mysterious disappearance of a valuable artifact. Can you write it on demand because you easily go to your creative place within yourself and find the way to do it or do you write it on demand because you are able to follow the rules of writing poetry or the formula for writing mystery fiction?

According to Albert Einstein, imagination is more important than knowledge, for imagination breathes life into knowledge, giving it shape and form. Imagination is being defined as vision, action and the expression of high creativity. Most accept the theory that everyone has the potential to be creative. Some people are more endowed with natural creative abilities you only have to look at the achievements of Mozart or Michelangelo to realize that fact. In reality your creative ability can only carry you so far and the rest is hard work and learning to hone your craft

You need to take whatever creative nature you have and take it one step beyond (think outside the box), work hard using your knowledge and techniques and have the passion to achieve your vision in whatever creative project you undertake.

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